We’re creating a stronger cybersecurity ecosystem

Synqly’s team has decades of experience in security and knows firsthand the pain and benefits of technology partnerships.

We are removing the barriers to product integrations and unlocking the potential of a robust cybersecurity ecosystem.

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Joel Bauman Co-Founder and CEO
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Steve Erickson Co-Founder and CPO
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“Security vendors need a secure and scalable way to provide integrations while using fewer resources. At Synqly, we are simplifying and automating security product integrations to reduce the burden on product teams and strengthen the security ecosystem."

Joel Bauman, Co-founder and CEO, Synqly

Our Advisors

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Nick Warner Former COO at SentinelOne, Board Member, one of our angel investors
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PJ Kirner Founder and CTO Knit AI
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Daniel Bernard Chief Business Officer Crowdstrike
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Nick Allen VP of Development, Cyborg Security
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Alex Seton Managing Director, Deloitte Advisory, Business Development Advisor and Consultant
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Tom Bennett Multi-Time CEO and Board Member for numerous security companies
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Khal Makhoul PhD and Post-Doc in Astro Physics. Currently focused on AI at Sneider Electric

Synqly Unleashes Vendor Power

Deliver effective cybersecurity solutions and elevate the strength of your cybersecurity ecosystem.

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