The First Dedicated Integration Platform for Cyber Security Solutions.
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Seamless Integration, Robust Collaboration

At the core of our integration platform lies a transformative abstraction layer that enables connections between cybersecurity and IT Operations solutions. This innovative layer serves as a unifying force, enabling vendors to create a diverse ecosystem of integrations to meet their customer’s requirements.
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Simplify the integration process.

Eliminate the need to learn every vendor’s APIs.

Foster harmony in cybersecurity and IT Ops.

Synqly Unleashes Vendor Power

By making it easy for security vendors to integrate with a wide array of partners, we empower vendors to deliver the most comprehensive and effective cybersecurity solutions, ultimately elevating the collective strength of our cybersecurity ecosystem.
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Synqly Multiplex Connectors™

Our Multiplex Connectors are designed to enable you to cover specific use cases by connecting to vendors that provide solutions in the space. Use cases include integration with SIEM solutions, ticketing systems, and endpoint security, among many others. Each connector enables integration with multiple solutions in the same category, eliminating the need to develop bespoke integrations.
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Continuous Visibility
and Control

Our user interface provides continuous visibility into integration health and allows vendors to monitor customer usage. For the first time, vendors can track important metrics like integration uptime, Availability, and Usage. This visibility enables vendors to triage integration issues and quickly identify and resolve support cases.

Designed with Security​ in Mind

Our platform was designed with security in mind. Stringent role-based access controls (RBAC) have been implemented to safeguard the integrity of data objects and interactions within the platform. We prioritize the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, ensuring that vendors can trust the platform as a secure environment for seamless integrations.
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Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework

We support the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) standard, which ensures that security data from a wide range of enterprise security data sources can be normalized and combined. The OCSF format is agnostic to storage format, data collection, and ETL processes. The core schema for cybersecurity events is intended to be agnostic to implementations.

Cloud Native Architecture​

Our platform is a microservice application built on Kubernetes using native cloud components. ​It’s designed to run in the same cloud and region as you, reducing cost and latency. It easily scales to meet the demands of growing customers.
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Synqly Unleashes Vendor Power

Deliver effective cybersecurity solutions and elevate the strength of your cybersecurity ecosystem.

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