Synqly Launches the First Cybersecurity Integration Platform

Synqly, Inc., a leader in security product integration, announced today the General Availability of its first-of-its-kind Integration Platform-as-a-Service (IPAAS) for Security and ITOps products. Synqly uniquely enables organizations to integrate multiple security and infrastructure products with a single API, creating a cost-effective path for vendors to deliver the cross-product capabilities security teams need to improve cybersecurity outcomes.

“Synqly’s platform is a game changer,” explained Dan Wachtler, CEO at DarkLight.  “Working with Synqly has helped us integrate with a broad set of other security products at a fraction of the cost and engineering resources it would have otherwise required.  DarkLight customers directly benefit from an integrated ecosystem powered by Synqly.”

The average security team manages over 75 security products, with this number expected to grow, according to a 2022 study. To address this challenge, Synqly provides a secure and scalable platform that simplifies integration development, maintenance, and support. Synqly provides monitoring and metrics for easy troubleshooting and tracking of integration usage, improving overall customer experience and enabling vendors to focus resources on the most demanded partner applications.

“Security vendors need a secure and scalable way to provide integrations using fewer resources,” said Joel Bauman, CEO and Co-Founder of Synqly. “At Synqly, we are simplifying and automating security product integrations to reduce the burden on product teams and strengthen the security ecosystem.”

Through Synqly, security, ITOps, and MSSP vendors are reducing the cost and complexity of building, maintaining, and supporting integrations by as much as 90%. The company’s platform ensures integrations are always current and performance monitoring and metrics are continuously available, making it easier for vendors to identify integration issues in real-time and track integration usage statistics. Synqly’s approach to integrations enables a Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture (CSMA) for companies that want to address the fragmentation of traditional cybersecurity approaches by promoting an integrated defense stack.

Synqly’s Integration-Platform-as-a-Service

The Synqly Abstraction Layer acts as a unifying force, eliminating the need for vendors to learn every API and enabling them to integrate seamlessly with a rich array of partners. This innovative approach not only simplifies the integration process but also promotes harmony between cybersecurity and ITOps, bolstering the collective security of the cybersecurity ecosystem. Security teams enjoy enhanced security from the tight integration and benefit from the additional time spent on core security, not integrations.

Synqly’s Multiplex Connectors™ simplify and accelerate integration processes across the cybersecurity landscape. The Multiplex Connectors uniquely support bi-directional connections for SIEM, Ticketing & Notifications, Vulnerability Management, Identity Access Management, Asset Management, and Endpoint Security, with additional connectors under development based on customer and partner feedback.  The unique technology provides unparalleled value by streamlining connectivity with various solutions and offering a single connection for multiple integrations. 

With a commitment to focusing on industry standards such as OCSF, STIX, and TAXI, Synqly ensures that its connectors are built to the highest specifications, guaranteeing seamless connectivity across diverse cybersecurity ecosystems. By implementing best integration practices, Synqly empowers its customers to achieve faster time-to-market through security-conscious integration development and standardization.

Synqly delivers the first on-demand product integration platform for security and infrastructure vendors. Synqly’s platform reduces the cost and complexity of building, maintaining, and supporting integrations by as much as 90%. The company’s platform removes longstanding barriers to product integrations, enabling cybersecurity and infrastructure vendors to seamlessly integrate and empower their customers to stay ahead of evolving threats. Synqly is an early-stage company; investors include SYN Ventures, Okta Ventures, Secure Octane, and angels with extensive security industry expertise. For more information about Synqly and its platform, visit or follow us on Linkedin.

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