A Single Connection for Many Integrations

Value of Connectors

One Customer - Many Integrations

A single integration connects your offering with multiple solutions

Built to Industry Standards

Standards including OCSF, STIX, and TAXI enable simplified connectivity across your cybersecurity ecosystems

Best Integration Practices

Adherence to security best practices, enforcement of partner integration requirements, and standardization of integrations across vendors enables faster, simpler time-to-market

What’s is a Connector?

Our Multiplex Connector contains a set of APIs, language-specific SDKs, coding samples, and testing options that streamline integration development for each use case category.​ Synqly’s APIs are well documented.
Data-driven restAPIs enable vendors to define the configuration at runtime, allowing them to support new Synqly providers without making code changes.
​The Developer SDKs support all major programming languages to ensure support for your development needs.

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Multiplex Connectors™

*Additional connectors are being developed based on feedback from customers and Synqly partners.

Synqly Unleashes Vendor Power

Deliver effective cybersecurity solutions and elevate the strength of your cybersecurity ecosystem.

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