Fusion Partner

Join a growing list of leading security vendors who recognize the need for easier and more robust integrations that are integrated into the Synqly integration platform.
Be-a-Part Fusion Partner Program

Multiply Your Integrations and Reduce Your Workload.

Through Synqly, security, ITOps, and MSSP vendors integrate multiple products with a single API.

Why Partner?

Enable Integrations with Native Platform Support

As a Fusion Partner, streamline integration for security vendors. Our Synqly Multiplex Connectors™ enables seamless integration, eliminating the need for partners to learn APIs or develop custom solutions.

Easy Technology Partner Management

Use our standard technology alliance agreement and automate the process. New partners can easily build, test, and support integrations using our platform with minimal effort and questions for your team.

Metrics & Best Practices to Guide Investments

Synqly ensures adherence to your best practices and integration requirements. We share standard methodologies and recommend basic integrations to kickstart partnerships. Track integration uptime and usage metrics, enabling relationship growth with partners as enterprise customers benefit.

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Explore how Synqly can benefit your environment and identify which systems best suit your needs.

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