Brand Guide

This guide includes essential elements like our logo, typography, color palette, product shots, and illustrations, ensuring brand consistency across all platforms.



EPS files are vector-based, versatile, and compatible – allowing the logo to be scaled to any size without losing quality – from small business cards to large billboards. Preferred for print. 


Ideal for web use due to small file sizes. Web, digital interfaces, and any scenario where scalability and responsiveness are crucial. Preferred for digital applications.


PNG files support transparent backgrounds, making them ideal for overlaying logos on various backgrounds without unwanted borders and backgrounds. Non-Vector Applications


JPG files are ideal for online applications, including websites, social media, and email marketing, due to their relatively small file size and wide compatibility. Non-Vector Applications


Synqly’s brand colors are bold and simplistic. Our primary color, blue, is the most prominently used, reflecting trust, innovation. Dark blue is reserved for typography, ensuring readability and professionalism. Gray is utilized for web backgrounds to separate sections and break up white space. Green is used sparingly for accents.



RGB 81.77.246


Dark Blue


RGB 9.8.26




RGB 233.238.250




RGB 13.222.71



For all communications and branding materials, Synqly uses the Inter font. This modern, clean, and highly legible typeface ensures that our message is conveyed clearly and effectively, maintaining a professional and approachable aesthetic. Inter’s versatility across various media enhances the user experience, reflecting Synqly’s commitment to excellence and innovation.
Inter-Type-1024x683 Brand Guide


These images are optimized for various uses, including web, print, and presentations, ensuring you have the right visuals to represent Synqly’s innovative solutions effectively. By using these official product shots, you help us maintain a cohesive and polished brand image, highlighting the elegance and functionality of Synqly.
Continuous-Visibility-and-Control_Synqly_grey-1024x872 Brand Guide


These illustrations highlight the unique features and benefits of our platform. They are crafted to enhance your presentations, marketing materials, and social media posts with a visually engaging and consistent style.
Synqly-Platform-Overview-1024x683 Brand Guide


Synqly’s photography style embodies speed, momentum, and connectivity. Our images often feature motion blur to convey a sense of a company on the go, emphasizing dynamic movement and forward progress. This approach highlights our commitment to harmony and seamless synchronization, showcasing Synqly as a leader in digital connectivity and innovation. Blue overlays can be used for backgrounds when adding white copy.
Photography-1024x683 Brand Guide


Companies demand integrations between their security tools, infrastructure, and processes. Each customer has a unique tech stack. We connect your customers’ stack to your product, regardless of the tools they bring.

Iconography-1024x683 Brand Guide


These images should be used consistently across all social media platforms to maintain a cohesive visual identity.

Social-1024x683 Brand Guide

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