Synqly Emerges from Stealth to Revolutionize Security Product Integrations

$4M in seed funding from SYN Ventures, Okta Ventures and Secure Octane will enhance security product ROI with scalable and secure integration platform.

San Jose, Calif., October 03, 2023 – Synqly, Inc., a security company revolutionizing the way security vendors and enterprise security teams integrate security and infrastructure products, today announced it has emerged from stealth and raised $4 million in seed funding from SYN Ventures, Okta Ventures, and Secure Octane. Founded by a team of industry veterans with decades of experience building security and infrastructure partnerships and products, Synqly enables organizations to securely scale product integrations to maximize the value of their security technology stack.

The average security team manages 76 security products, with this number expected to grow, according to a 2022 study. To maximize investment in the tools they implement, enterprise security teams now require products to work together. Security vendors must develop and maintain technical integrations to address their customers needs and maximize ROI. However, given no two enterprise environments are the same, it’s nearly impossible for security vendors to keep up with a growing backlog of integration requests.

Synqly provides the industry’s first security product integration platform. The product enables integration of multiple security and infrastructure products with a single API, dramatically shrinking the time and resources required. It ensures that integration best practices are followed, and simplifies integration development, ongoing support and maintenance.  Finally, it provides monitoring and metrics so that it’s easier for vendors to troubleshoot problems and track integration usage.

“Integrated security and infrastructure products are needed to improve security, stop attacks, and solve for compliance requirements.  Security vendors need a secure and scalable way to provide integrations while using fewer resources, “ says Joel Bauman, CEO and Co-Founder of Synqly. “At Synqly, we are simplifying and automating security product integrations to strengthen the security ecosystem.”

Synqly was founded by Joel Bauman and Steve Erickson, to address the pain that they experience every day while managing technology alliances and building integrations at market-leading security and infrastructure companies. With the completion of hundreds of partnerships and development of related integrations from companies including Illumio, Cylance, McAfee, Juniper, and BMC, the two know first-hand the challenge of balancing enterprise security teams’ integration requirements and the vendor’s need to focus on their own products. At Synqly, Joel and Steve hope to help alleviate this pain, while increasing the ROI from security investments.

“In order to thrive in an interconnected world, security practitioners, vendors, and the broader industry need to work together to address the ever-evolving cybersecurity challenges,” said Ryan Permeh, Operating Partner, SYN Ventures. “Synqly plays a key role in support of this mission. We’re excited to partner with this outstanding team to ensure security solutions work together seamlessly.”

“We believe a robust security ecosystem is essential to our ability to stop attacks. For this to be true, security products must be integrated.” said Austin Arensburg, Senior Director at Okta Ventures. “Synqly is filling a critical need in the security industry through its innovative security product integration platform. We’re excited to work alongside Synqly’s impressive team to further this mission.”

About Synqly Founded in 2023 and headquartered in San Jose, CA, Synqly is the only Integration as a Service Platform built for security. Revolutionizing the way products connect and integrate, Synqly empowers security vendors with easy-to-use integrations, seamless scalability, and flexible deployments.  Delivering advanced security best-practices with continuous quality, Synqly envisions supporting every security product integration and is on a mission to remove barriers and unlock the potential of the security ecosystem.

About SYN Ventures SYN Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on investing in disruptive and innovative security companies in the cybersecurity, industrial security, national defense, privacy, regulatory compliance, and data governance industries. The firm’s dedicated security team of former CISOs, CEOs and Founders has a proven track record with over 250 years of security investing and operational experience. SYN also has a highly distinguished network of seasoned security advisors and CISOs. For more information on SYN Ventures, please visit:

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